Best in Show

Siobhan Gallagher

“I loved that this project could be looked through as a newspaper/editorial piece as well taken apart and hung up like wall art. The abstract spreads were gorgeous!”

Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

“This project really stood out for its overall excellence. The breath of work packed into this single piece is impressive. I enjoyed the balance of the experimental with the studied, which resulted in an energized and highly aesthetic work.”

Rory Keohane

“‘N1 – UC/UK Publication’ was the most arresting piece in the CADC show, loudly announcing that a spirit of abstraction and aesthetics can be strengthened when many voices are bound together in a unified vision.”

Daniel Fishel

“While there were a lot of projects that were extraordinary and go above and beyond, I felt like this newsprint zine was exceptional. It was a unique twist of design and photography in a format that usually isn't given that much artistic license and agency.”