Judges’ Awards

Karen Mayeu

Taylor Design 2017 Calendar

“I was immediately drawn to this piece with that giddy excitement designers can get. The work stood out in a way that made me curious, needing to interact with it. The intricate nature was impressive with the complex layout, multiple messages and carefully balanced graphic and typographic elements. It was clever in an intriguing way, refreshing really, that self promotions are normally not.”

Siobhan Gallagher

High Hopes Gallop Invitation

“The colours, the patterns, and the individual pieces included in the Gallop invite bundle were so fun and lush that this piece made me want a copy for myself. I love the marbled paper pattern especially and feel like an invitation is supposed to make the recipient excited for the event, which is exactly what this did. I couldn't take my eyes off it!”

Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

Basil & Cranberry Gose

“Don Carter's vulture illustration has an original perspective. The gestural use of vector strokes and vibrant color feel sophisticated and fresh. Really nice work!.”

Rory Keohane

Hablando Español: Modismos

“Rose DeLeon’s Hablando Español Modismos is a multi-layered exercise in communication. Idioms are inherently culturally obtuse, whose meanings are not predictable from the usual meanings of their individual words. As a self-initiated student project, it not only delivered a humorous visual language, but more importantly illustrated the types of challenges that can be solved by design.”

Daniel Fishel

Twelfth Night

“Minimalist Posters are a tricky thing to work on. Too little detail and information and it can seem too abstract while one with too much information can leave itself to being too muddy. This poster has a fine balance that I was absolutely delighted by.”